With Every Water Bottle Purchase You Donate Water To Those In Need.

For every sale of one of our bottles – we, through our partner Retulp donate a portion to Made Blue– who is at the forefront of this war. They are working on providing drinkable water. Due to this mission they’ve made every Appleberry bottle purchase include a donation of 1000 times worth of water to those in need! Do not hesitate and take that small step forward today. You can make a change now, and support a cause whose whole mission is the focus on survival through water.

Water is life. For some of us, this is just an afterthought, for others, it can be a daily struggle. Still, nearly 790 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. With some having to travel upwards of 6 kilometres a day just to gain access to water.

We at Appleberry have joined this battle with Retulp to create the next generation of water carriers. Our bottles are meant to stay with you in the long run. Taking the plastic out of our waters by reducing the single use of the plastic water bottle. We offer a timeless zero-waste water bottle instead. It’s design is specifically for our children and our future, to help promote the right mindset from an early age. Take a look at it here. It is BPA free because it’s made out of high quality stainless steel, and one of the best products out there for the stopper – 100% bamboo.

How Sticking to 1 Water Bottle Helps



 To add to this, there is a huge global plastic pollution problem, especially around single-use plastics and garbage types that take a long time to deteriorate. We put this pollution into the seas and oceans which causes damage to our marine life, and more often than not, a lot of this trash ends up in our core drinking supplies as well! This has become a struggle that is nearing a war for survival.

Some people think since most of the world is covered in water, that we would never run out of water. That is 100% true. However this does not mean we will never run out of drinkable water. Only a small percentage of the water in the world is actually accessible and drinkable.

There’s still time to make an active lifestyle change. It can be small but impactful. You do not need to stop your entire plastic usage tomorrow. Take it step by step and start with the most common single-use plastics – water bottles.

Change now, and support a cause which has it’s dedication in the survival through water, all the while reducing your rubbish output. No one wants the alternative choice to this matter. Join the cause, join the Appleberry family.


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