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Ok guilt trip aside, many of us run to convenience to bring order to our chaotic and busy lives. When it comes to being on the go we reach for the Juicebox. This is because we bought it at the place that sells food. So we trust that the products there are meant for our growing children. Sadly, most of these juice boxes contain around 10% juice, a little water as filler, plenty of sugar, and ingredients that some scientists even struggle to pronounce. Not only that but these single -use boxes aid in plastic pollution. It does not take much to realise how bad this is for anyone, let alone children.

Our children are our best hope for a sustainable future. We have all the knowledge and tools now to preserve our only planet. So we must instil this information in our children. We want things easy and convenient. Sometimes the four seconds it takes to fill up a water bottle from the tap or filter seems like too much effort. We’re all guilty of this and that’s ok because nobody is perfect.

Juice Boxes also Fuel Plastic Pollution

However, the packaging of a juice box can seem almost science fiction. The most common setup is a tri-layer packaging system of paper/plastic and aluminium. This combination means that it can take around 300 years for a single juice box to disintegrate, which fuels plastic pollution. It also means that, in its current state, it is extremely difficult to take the recyclable parts out (the aluminium and paper) because of the construction.

Children are growing and need energy. If you’re a parent you will agree that children are also always thirsty and need proper hydration. So parents think to themselves no more juice sugar boxes, let’s go with bottled water. Again though, when outside the house, on school trips or holidays, the easiest way for a child to get their thirst quenched is through the use of single plastic water bottles. Sadly, these take around 400-500 years to deteriorate. Yes, currently they are the much healthier choice for your child in comparison to the juice box. But also detrimental to the living ecosystem of our planet.

There’s so much plastic pollution in our oceans. So much so it has resulted in it forming the great pacific garbage patch which is over 700,000 square kilometres!
We have the opportunity to change this direction. That is why we also are working on providing solutions to carry fresh water in reusable, zero waste, and environmentally safe water bottles. We understand that simpler first steps lead to more impactful changes as we ourselves grow. Take a look at our product here, and also know that every purchase made relates to a donation of drinking water to those most in need, powered by Appleberry x Retulp x Made Blue.


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